What is free software?

Free Software is one that respects the freedom of users and gives them the opportunity to copy, paste, distribute, modify, control and improve the program for free. Therefore, it is being used more every day, since in addition to saving money, it gives you greater autonomy in managing the information you store on your computer or tablet.

Get to know free software

It is known as Free Software to computer programs that allow users access to the source code in which they were manufactured, so that they can customize and distribute it in the way they want. This gives rise to multiple versions of it, whose appearance does not represent a problem of originality or a legal violation of the rights of the creator.

It should be noted that free software can be of all kinds, that is, from operating systems to control the resources of a computer to applications that adapt to the needs of users such as fashion, games, sales, among others. In this way, some of the most popular presentations of this program are:

  • Linux: is a very popular program, which spearheaded the open software effort in 1983.
  • Chrome OS: this operating system is under the development of the company Google Inc, which uses a browser as its main interface.
  • Value-CD: it is a CD with open source software, which was designed by Microsoft Windows and developed in 2008 by Finnish programmers.
  • OpenDisc: another open source program designed to work under the control of Microsoft Windows, created in 2007.
  • Ubuntu: it is characterized by being a completely free Linux distribution, which uses GNOME technology as its virtual environment.

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Advantages of free software

Through free software, institutions no longer have to be controlled under a specific program, but rather have the possibility of adapting to multiple versions. In addition, by having the freedom to inspect its operation and the option to modify anything, the user has in their hands full access to their information and therefore, greater security.

In addition to this, this software, since its code is accessible, is subject to the inspection of many people who can obtain solutions to problems and share them with other users, making it potentially more stable.

Free software provides users with computer audits, controls, methods and measures that corroborate that the program performs each of its functions efficiently, complying with the established security requirements. In addition, it ends up being the most economical option, since a direct saving is obtained in licenses, copyrights and use permits.

What are the freedoms of free software?

For a program to be considered free software, it is essential that it provide the user with 4 freedoms, which are previously established as follows:

• Freedom # 0: this refers to the power you have as a user to use the program as you wish, without the obligation to communicate or notify the programmer.

• Freedom # 1: free software should allow you to study the program and its operation, regardless of whether you need to alter it to perform your tasks or not. To do this, you must also have access to the source code, as it is a requirement.

• Freedom # 2: being able to redistribute all the copies you want of the original program, so that the enjoyment of the community is generated, without notifying anyone.

• Freedom # 3: the permission to distribute copies of your modified versions to other people, thus allowing the user community to benefit from the program’s alterations.You can find more articles of this type on our website, with which you will learn everything related to free software and many other interesting topics.